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Salmon Hunting

I’m a little late, but I decided to try to spot me some salmon heading up-stream before Toronto descends into her winter slumber. Next year, I’ll go a little earlier, to try to catch them jumping. As it is, I spotted a few Chinook Salmon lazily circling near Bluffer’s Park, Scarborough.This ugly fellow, black because it’s male and in his up-stream hopped out the water a bit to get a better look at me.


trumpeterswanThere was also a bevy of Trumpeter Swans (what a great collective noun), which aren’t found in The UK. (Note the black bill, with no knob on the bill like the Mute Swan). I’ve seen these before, they’re not particularly rare, but hadn’t seen them in a while. These ones were tagged in the area and the same female has also been spotted in the Toronto Islands area in the past.