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Tell Us About Your Favourite Funny Video

There are some staple questions asked during interviews. “Why do you want to work for us?”, “Tell me your greatest strength”, and “What do you know about our company?”.

Recently, I was asked “Tell Us About Your Favourite Funny Video”, which took me a while to think about. I figured out pretty quickly that it wouldn’t be right to choose a video that has a victim. While it might be secretly satisfying to watch someone get maimed while performing the Ice Bucket Challenge, or for a toddler to fall on their arse after being sprung by a fat cat, it might come across as a mildly psychotic choice.

Then I remembered Fenton. The video of a dog that surfaced way back in 2011 (full title: Jesus Christ in Richmond Park).

The video is below. You must watch it, even if you have watched it a thousand times. I am now going to explain, in painstaking detail, why this video is so funny.

An idyllic park in England. Deer graze.
Poor quality, blurred and ultimately mundane footage destined to never be watched again.
The peace is shattered by a man. But not just any man. A British man. A British man, forced to consider his very core values and the very real prospect that he just might be about to make a scene. It’s not fair. For Brits, this type of internal struggle between public decorum and outrage is normally reserved for terrible mistakes in restaurants..
I am familiar with this, because every time Tim Hortons gives me a triple-triple when I ask for a double-double, I drink it anyway while I pretend that I couldn’t be happier – out of politeness.
But seriously, who drinks that much sugar?
“Fenton!”, he yells.
“Fenton!”, he yells again.
And again. But now there is stress in his voice.
A fifth and six time, and there is some serious desperation. He is letting go.
Now a cry for “Jesus Christ!”.
This man has completely forgotten his properness in just 10 seconds inside a serene park. Something that took me 9 years of living in Toronto and taking the TTC to achieve.
A herd of deer tear across the screen, Fenton in hot pursuit and a mortified man…. far behind… but not quite sprinting.
There are no victims in this video.
Some deer get exercise, a dog is thrilled to make some new friends and there is a man who comes of age.