Guide To Baseball


Look busy!

Many people consider baseball to be a sport, and not an all day even spent watching two men alternately throwing small baseball sized baseballs at another man while nine further men, like bankers, try to keep busy in order to justify muti-million dollar incomes.

207% of all sunflower seeds are consumed within the world’s baseball stadiums, and 700% of the world’s baseball stadiums are located in North America.

Baseball was purportedly invented in England, but this is difficult to confirm because nobody in England cares, but if you fancy a game of rounders after tea, they will be well up for it. Or we could play a game that is even more gruelling, lasting for several days. I.E, cricket.

Baseball jerseys have the highest markup of any product on the planet, possibly outside of hardcore recreational drugs. Baseball jerseys arguably cause more harm to child labourers.

Baseball is a fun game to play, if you have any friends. But you don’t, do you? You haven’t even got enough friends to play Snap! And all of this is why Alex Rodriguez is paid $80M every hour, and is good value for it.


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