A Short History Of Things

A Short History Of Things

The beautiful cover of this piece of literary art

My E-Book, A Short History Of Things, is essentially the greatest memoir ever written. Why? Because GOD wrote it. God is cool. Too cool to have His book as an Oprah pick. You are lucky that you found this page and are afforded the chance of getting a copy.

[Impatient Reader]: I still don’t know what the fuck this thing is!

A Short History Of Things literally tells the story of the history of life on Earth from the point of view of God. It is a satire. It’s pretty funny, even if God says I say so myself.

It’s also pretty cheap. Less than the cost of a sturdy umbrella. Cheaper than a Clive Cussler novel, and significantly more entertaining.

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WHAT? You want a preview so you know what you are getting? Just read the rest of the nonsense I have written across this site! Oh go on then. Click the image to the right.

The e-book is sold via Lulu.com so that you can purchase it securely without a shifty guy like me stealing your credit card details. Prices are listed in £, $US and € – but you can pay in your local currency by credit card at your banks current exchange rate. It’s 50ish pages and comes in PDF format.

Get it: Here