1898 Imperial Penny Postage, 1899 Queen Victoria Surcharged & King Edward VII 1903-1908

1898-1908Note: Click for larger image. Click away from image to close it.

At the time of writing, this is the first complete album page of stamps that I have. Many of my older stamps are “used”, but it can be quite cool to see where the stamps were cancelled.

The top two stamps are Imperial Penny Postage stamps. On Christmas day 1898, Penny Postage (posting a letter for one old pence – 1d), was introduced throughout most of The British Empire, although it was released a little earlier in Canada under public pressure.

20 million copies of the “map stamp” were printed. Half were printed with a blue ocean (right) and half without (left). These are also the world’s first “Christmas stamps”. Note the “Xmas 1898” towards the bottom of the stamps. At the foot of the stamp are the words “We hold a vaster empire than has been”. The areas marked in red on the map represent members of the then British Empire.

The left copy of the stamp was cancelled in Moncton, New Brunswick (one of the “original” provinces), though the full date is not visible.

The two red stamps with Queen Victoria on them have “2 Cent” surcharges to increase the price from when the same stamp was originally issued the year before for 3 cents.

Finally, new stamps were issued in 1903-1908 for the latest heir to the throne, King Edward VII who became King of The United Kingdom and the British Dominions (and Emperor of India) in 1901. The red 2 cent stamp was cancelled in Antigonish, Nova Scotia – back then, with a population of less than 2,000 people. Antigonish holds the record for the place with the longest continually running highland games outside Scotland.

The blue 5c stamp was cancelled in August 1909.

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