30 Day Writing Challenge: Day Eight

Three things you want to say to different people

I hate this one.
There is this weight of expectation that there will be a profound collection of exciting, insightful messages and on the other hand the majority of people will find any genuine messages cryptic, annoying, secretive and excluding.
For the most part, I have not been taking these exercises seriously and half the time I have been making up my answers in a desperate attempt at humour.
Therefore, you can mix and match three semi-real and three semi-false “things”.

1) Thank you.
2) You a much worse at life than the average person, despite your advantages*
3) You are the most entertaining political entity since… ohhh…Guy Fawkes**
4) Let go.
5) You probably think you are anti-establishment when really you are a flaccid turd falling in slow motion***
6) Keep trying. Believe.

* This may be directed at almost every celebrity
** This may be directed at a mayor
*** This may be directed at Justin Beiber

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