30 Day Writing Challenge: Day Six

What band or musician is most important to you?

I cannot choose just one and, as such, fall at the first hurdle.
My musical taste is eclectic, hard to quantify and produces much disdain from those who collide with my noise polluting soundwaves. Generally speaking, I like a lot of things that are “important” in terms of being unique, influential or altering the course of a genre. But I like a great deal of stuff that is definitely not good.
I like a lot of 80s synth and sampling but I’m not sure that anyone could consider Closer (to the edit) by Art of Noise to be good in this day and age, except for me and anyone else that wears a musical anorak.
I love many of the sounds created by the Fairlight CMI synthasizer, which you can hear in music by Peter Gabriel, Jan Hammer, John Farnham, Kate Bush, Duran Duran etc.. Slightly more mainstream stuff that is still quite unique would be Pet Shop Boys and Madness.

I like almost anything by Queen. I like The Feeling (first two albums), Scouting For Girls, The Streets. Somehow, I like both System of a Down and P!nk. I like Crowded House and Dire Straits. Muse, Level42, Garbage….

R&B is generally boring, modern “clean”, bubblegum pop is all terrible and most modern rap music is laughable.

In summary: All of this may change tomorrow and I am an 80s child that is beginning to show his age.

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