30 Day Writing Challenge: Day Five

Five Places You Want Visit

1) England, without the rain but still with the lovely green that you only get with plenty of rain. England, where everyone is happy and dancing but also with a self-deprecating humour and unique character only truly possible at the pinnacle of absolute misery.

TransCanada Highway

2) I really want to drive across the TransCanada. Ideally, I’d be starting in Newfoundland (and spending some time there), but even if I had to start in North Bay (i.e. North of Toronto and then head west), that would do.
I did a roadtrip from Toronto to PEI, stopping in Cape Breton, a few years ago. Did a few thousand miles in ten days with about 8-9hrs driving each day, on average. It was intense, but driving through Canada and stopping at random is a great way to explore.

3) Northern Canada. I don’t really care where, but I like the romanticised idea of staying isolated in woodland or tundra with stars and the Northern Lights and a journal. The reality is that I would probably be too inadequate to keep myself in firewood and would be eating porcupine scat by day two.
Eventually, my body would be discovered comically enclosed within a perfect oblong ice-cube, staring gormlessly into the sky, my face would be frozen open-mouthed and stupid. Nobody would know I had just seen the Aurora Borealis for the first time, just that I was a city-dwelling imbecile.

4) New Zealand, for the beautiful scenery and bizarre animal life, especially the birds. A little less keen on Australia, but since I would be passing…

5) Would you be shocked if I said Poland? I wouldn’t be going for the sausages or for the famous national character, but because of Bialowieza Forest, probably the largest remaining European ancient/natural woodland. But I would take any location like this.

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