30 Day Writing Challenge: Day Four

The Meaning Behind Your Tumblr. Name

The 30 Day Writing Challenge began circulating on Tumblr., which is a website for people who care a great deal about sharing their thoughts, articles and other content – just not quite enough to use a proper blog.

I don’t use Tumblr., and the reasoning behind the name of this blog is obvious enough – the simplicity. Or is it vanity? 🙂

Prior to writing on this website, when I first moved to Canada, I did have a different URL. Back then, I wanted to write my naive observations about the cultural differences in Canada versus where I am from. The very idea of french fries/chips liberally sprinkled with cheese curds and topped with gravy made my heart weep. Thus was born Anything But The Poutine dotcom (now defunkt). Much of my naivety has been erased in the six years I have been here. What was once starkly different about Canada has been normalised – except that I still spell normalised with an ‘S’ and not a ‘Z’. And that I now regularly partake in the consumption of poutine from New York Fries.

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