Top 5 Orchestral Scores

Because I said so and in no particular order or theme. I chose five because I am culturally inept and you probably won’t have the patience to even listen to two of them. Not when you’d rather look at videos of cats.

1) I don’t like Pirates of The Caribbean and I don’t fawn over celebrities like the rest of you, so while I have heard of Johnny Depp, I remain indifferent to his actual existence. But I do like the musical score “He’s a Pirate” by Hans Zimmer. This is probably my favourite rendition with David Garrett, apparently a favourite among middle-aged women who would like a bit of rough, leading on violin.


2) Requiem For a Tower takes a full 5 minutes to reach its crescendo and when I am ruler of the galaxy, it will be illegal for you to a) skip this video b) not to wear headphones or at least turn it up loud. You ought to be ashamed if you don’t get shivers listening to this. Requiem For a Tower is a re-working of Lux Æterna by Clint Mansell and it was used in the theatrical trailer for LOR: The Two Towers. Unfortunately, it is now used in nearly everything from TV commercials to, most heinously, the theme to Sky Sports News. It is used as if every damn day is an event horizon of football and cricket. The idea of lizard man Rupert Murdoch profiteering from this orchestral piece makes me writhe around my living room vomitting on everything in sight like a disturbing scene from Family Guy.


3) Heart of Courage is composed by Thomas J Bergersen and it is another awesome epic. Probably most famous from Frozen Planet, also used in Avatar, Narnia, Camelot and various other shite. This is a cut down version but I know you people need moving pictures to keep your attention, so this is from a Frozen Planet trailer.


4) Even an evil-doer like myself cannot help from not detesting Love Actually. At the risk of going a bit lovey-dovey on you, this is my favourite orchestral piece from the soundtrack. It is associated with The Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) and Natalie (Martine McCutcheon) and is imaginatively titled “Prime Minister’s Love Theme”. The soundtrack is by Craig Armstrong.


5) I figure you’ve stopped reading now and I can get away with adding one that I like a lot but probably can’t justify. Amélie is one of my favourite films of all time, because I am definitely not camp, but am horrendously alternative. It’s French, so I should hate it. But it’s romatically and idealistically French, much like Love Actually is a romanticised version of England. The soundtrack is by Yann Tiersen and this track is called J´y Suis Jamais Alle (I’ll Never Go).


Feel free to submit your suggestions.

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