Balcony Gardening Update 3

Killer BeansThere has been a lot of progress in the last few days, especially with my killer beans!  There is one bean plant in particular, the main one in this image, that sprouted and grew in no time at all. In the left third of this planter, I had lettuce. I figured that it must have failed and so I replanted it (less deep) on April 6th. The lettuce is just starting to sprout. I must have dropped a seed as there is one shoot poking up right beside a bean, so I may have to transplant.

I have rotated the planter 180 degrees for the above photo, but you can see how they would all be leaning towards the bright window guzzling up the sun. Not that there has been much sun in the last few days. A large tree branch was felled in the storm during the early hours of Thursday. The weather needs to improve soon….

Parsley 2

My parsley is looking better than in the last post where I think I was close to losing it. I am watering more regularly. Maybe 20 or more water bottle sprays, 10 or so in the morning and 10 in the evening. Trying to remember the mantra my brother gave me, “Moist but not soaked”. My oregano completely failed, but again, I think I planted too deep in the soil. I have replanted them and will keep an eye out. I’m not sure about my basil. It looks like it is doing okay, but a couple of shoots are struggling. I’m going to try watering in their vicinity a little more to see if that revives them. Their growth seems to have slowed down, too.

cherry tomatoes

My cherry tomatoes are going well and the stronger plants are on their way to growing their second pair of leaves. I worry about the weather because it’s still awful and these plants will outgrow their peat pellets soon. Incidentally, I did grow a few beans in these pellets which I have had to transport already, as the roots were growing out through the fabric and even into neighbouring plants.


I started these peas in peat pellets, too. I’m not sure how I feel about the peat pellets. The peppers I planted are showing no signs of life and about a third of the peas I planted failed. The tomatoes are doing well in peat pellets, but some of the beans, which are supposed to be easy, also failed in them… but maybe it’s down to the apartment being cold. On the rare occasions I put the heat on for an extended time, the plants that are doing well seem to do even better.

spring onionMy spring onions have had a growth spurt over the last week and so have my carrots. I have two carrot containers. One is a large pot I was given and the other is a random paint bucket that was filled with filthy water. The pot is doing better, but both are coming on fairly well. Pretty much 100% of the spring onions have sprouted. I try not to be too much of a brand fanboy, but I am bearing in mind that everything that I planted first time around (except peat pellets) was planted in Miracle-Gro soil and later stuff, which has been less successful so far, was planted in “Selection” branded “black earth” for about half the price.

Coming up:
I’m going to plant more peas as only 4 seeds have made it so far.
In 2-4 weeks from now, I am going to plant radishes.
Hoping to see life in peppers very soon else I will plant more
Hoping to see more from my lettuce and the snapdragon flowers (replanted after failure)

Also the “whack load” more peas and beans that I mentioned planting in my last post are doing very little… What happen?!

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