First Sprouts

First bean sprouting

Following on from my first balcony gardening post, Adventures in Balcony Gardening, here is a progress update! This image to the left is of one of my beans sprouting. This is in a planter containing 6 beans in total and a few lettuce seeds (which will take longer to show signs of life.. though I’m not sure exactly how long!)

Basil sproutingMy herbs are also beginning to show, now. This green pot plant is from the dollarstore! It’s a kit for newbs like me. It contains the seeds, soil and pot with brief instructions. There’s a green pot (basil), blue (parsley) and red (oregano). I’m watering these with a spray bottle – 20-30 sprays per day, depending on how much the sun dries it out. As I mentioned, everything is currently indoors and sat on my windowsill.

It will need to grow more and warm up outside before I put them out on the balcony. The temperature is still flirting close to 0 degrees during the night.

Parsley sprouts

The parsley is looking pretty feeble. I’m resisting the temptation to over water it, though.

I have gathered together a whole load more pots over the last few days and was off work today… so I have now planted a whack load more beans and peas. I have around 30 beans planted now!

Will need to look up some bean recipes đŸ˜€




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