Adventures in Balcony Gardening

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Last year, I planted a few radish seeds. I don’t know for sure what the most disastrous problem was for my poor radishes in a long list of disasters. Maybe it was my inability to plant seeds according to simple directions (I always plant too deep) or perhaps my inability to water in moderation (I let the soil go dry and then over compensate). In the end, maybe it was the ravenous Groundhog that lived under the garden shed that would emerge in the early hours and eat the sprouting leaves from my planter. Suffice to say, my radishes never made it to the plate.

Anyway, I’m trying again this year. I now live in an apartment, so am restricted to windowsills and a balcony. I’m going all in, but it will be tougher. Although there aren’t any groundhogs on the 8th floor that I am aware of, I am east facing with limited sun and limited room. My balcony is a pesky one with straightforward metal sheeting (no railings), so it is entirely in shade unless everything is somehow raised.

peat pelletStay tuned for my adventures. My plan is to grow beans, peas, carrots, spring onion, bell peppers, lettuce, radish and herbs (oregano, basil and parsley). Everything is planted except the carrots (waiting to acquire a deep bucket) and radishes (too cold outside for these fast sprouting veggies). I also planted Snapdragons, a flower, because they are meant to be hardy and I think they will need to be. Everything is indoors on a windowsill until it is ready for more sunlight. I have started a few things in small peat pellets from the dollar store, mainly because I don’t trust my own ability to water soil.

I’m taking advice from a balcony restricted work colleague and my [Br:E] allotment [Am:E] community garden renting brother in England who has been doing “Grow Your Own” for a couple of years. I still think this will end up in ludicrous failure, but perhaps there will be amusement along the way.

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