Owl From Telus

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a ridiculous letter to Telus, one of the major cellphone networks in Canada. If you didn’t read that original letter, which was, in about equal measure, silly, bizarre and borderline psychotic, it is reproduced below. (Click to enlarge).

Letter To Telus

I tweeted about the letter on the day that I mailed it to my local Telus offices, and faster than a liberally moistened postage stamp, the Telus twitter account got in touch with me, thanking me for my kind words. I’m glad they have a sense of humour. While they were unable to send me a cardboard cutout display saw-whet owl, they were able to send me a plush toy. Well, said owl arrived yesterday. All the way from Vancouver, no less.

Telus Owl

I know what you’re thinking. She’s not that beautiful compared to the CGI version, but it was awfully nice of Telus to send me this owl just because I am good at acting in a childish manner. Her name is Luna, by the way.

Telus also sent me a calendar which outlines some of the many community activities that they contribute to around the country. I was already loosely aware of the charity work that they do, but it was interesting to read how much money they have invested and how many hours of work have been donated by their employees to worthy causes. Read more.

Thanks for encouraging me to be a plonker, Telus.

3 thoughts on “Owl From Telus

  1. Nabila

    I have the same one! Ran got it when he bought his new phone in Dec/Jan. I have another plush toy owl from a company called Starz. Ran got me that one for our first Christmas. Anyway, she’s all white, and her name is Owly. This Telus owl is still unnamed 🙁 LOL

  2. Rob

    That is too funny! I have the exact same owl, however, mine is much more handsome… probably because he is a boy. I found your post when I was trying to discover the identity of the owl… and now Saw Whets are my new fav bird. Anyways, my owl’s name is “Flops” and it is quite mischievous! Perhaps him and Luna should get together 😉

  3. Barbara

    We (my kids and I) just returned from the Richmondhill, Ontario winter carnival where we met the real Luna from the commercial. So adorable when she blinks. apparently she flew into a clothes line and permanently damaged her wing. She loves the spotlight and sat so regally, just being her tiny adorable self. Enjoy your owls!


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