Dear Author…

I thought it would be mildly amusing to email a bunch of people who have the same name as famous book authors (but are not the actual author) to see if I would get a reply. The email that I wrote was just odd enough and young enough sounding that the recipient would hopefully feel that it was an innocent and genuine mistake.

I knew the ratio of replies would be low, so I initially sent out around 20 emails to people who share the name Stephen King/Steven King and Michael Crichton.

Here are the emails I sent:

Stephen King Email

Michael Crichton Email

I’ve had a couple of replies from “Stephen King” so far, telling me I have the wrong person – one of them ominously referring to me as ‘friend’, as in, “you have the wrong person, friend”. However, I did get a nice reply from “Michael Crichton”.

Michael Crichton Reply

If I get any more, I will post them!


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