Shoot with Nabila (Part One)

Nabila 1I recently visited Edwards Gardens in Toronto with Nabila to do another shoot with her. Consider this part one, as we came away with quite a few photos from a productive day!

If you would like to contact me about any photography related issue, please do so via my email address: myema-i-l

Nabila 2I will sometimes do TFP (Time for prints: in other words, I will take photographs for free in exchange for your acknowledgement that I can use the images for portfolio use etc…)

This is normally for people I know, but feel free to email be as I do not bite 🙂


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More images at a higher resolution are also available on my dedicated photography website:




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Thanks for reading – and thanks to Nabila for the fun morning. You can see Nabila’s fashion blog, here: Je Ne Sais Quoi


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