Why I Won’t Shut Up :)

O'Connor Public School Recently, I’ve been posting about how I want you to ‘adopt’ a school. My employer is raising money to buy books for a local school’s library and for every 100 people who ‘adopt’ the school, they will donate another book. It’s totally FREE to ‘adopt‘ the school, yet only a couple of my friends have taken the time to do it. It’s just three mouse clicks. Restore my faith in humanity and facebook friendships. Stop ignoring this.

I know that everyone is asking you to copy something as your status, or asking you to ‘like’ their page or sign their petition, but this is much more real than that. It is very hands on for me personally, and those I work with. If you know me, you know I don’t often buy into this kind of thing, but I’m very passionate about this.

Last week, I visited the school. I met the principle and I photographed their current school library. I saw the optimism that the children had as they waved and said “hi” to the principal as he escorted me to the library. This is not just some faceless, anonymous charity that I have latched onto.

O'Connor Public School LibraryThe library currently has books, but most of them are story books and they are older. Adopting the school (or making a donation) means that they will get new books and it will be the staff and/or children from the school who choose the books.


I am witness to this process. Last year, while working at the store, I helped a couple of librarians choose around $2,600 worth of books. We loaded them into boxes and then transported them to the back of their vehicle to stock-up the library at Warden Avenue Public School.

The year before that, we got books into the library at Crescent Town Elementary School. I was in England on this occasion, but my colleagues were delighted when children from the school came in and chose the books they wanted for the library.

O'Connor Public School Library DisplayO’Connor Public School has around 215 students, and our aim is to provide one book for each of them. Donations go a long way to achieving this goal, but I’m not even asking you for money (if you CAN donate – brilliant). I’m just asking for you to take the time to ‘adopt’ the school. It’s three clicks of your mouse, if you register via your Facebook login.

To adopt the school, click this link and click “Adopt This School” in the right-hand box.

Lastly, if you can watch this and then continue on your way, you have no soul.

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