@stuhall does Act Like A LadyI have this odd trait where, after a few hours of boredom, I suddenly become quite hyper. This is obviously no good at all, because while hyper, I am still in a situation that led to the initial boredom. There is still nothing to do. So I end up bouncing around like an idiot. To give a quick example, the other night, I couldn’t sleep, got bored, and started doing handstands in bed and talking gibberish about forging a yacht from a hollowed out raisin.

Two days ago I was taking my break at work, and I wasn’t that hungry. I got bored, and so it suddenly seemed like a great idea to take a number of photos of myself holding up various books next to my face as I gurned in a manner that mocked the covers of the books.  I didn’t do much with the pictures, except show them to my long suffering friends and wife.

It wasn’t until the next day that I decided to tweet them. Initially I was embarrassed, but after no time, a friend back in England kindly joined in. @RealSamBillett kindly helped to dissipate the crippling embarrassment by performing some extraordinary gurning of her own, and she even managed to convince her sisters to join in, including @Louise_Billett.

I then bullied a couple of colleagues to join in (outside of work hours, naturally). Poor @andiesantos was quite shy about her Tiny Fey impression. @octagonsandpez produced a frightening rendition of Jurassic Park. See the last two images.

@stuhall does theo fleury@RealSamBillett does Slash@stuhall does Ramsay@RealSamBillett does Lipstick on my Collar@stuhall does mandela@stuhall does My Sisters Keeper@RealSamBillett2@stuhall does some kid book

@stuhall does dog book@stuhall does The Internet is a Playground@stuhall does Patricia Briggs@stuhall does Act Like A Lady@RealSamBillett@Louise_Billett does Julie Walters@Louise_Billett does It's me or the dog@Louise_Billett does Gok Wan@Louise_Billett does Readers Digest@andiesantos does Tina Fey@octagonsandpez does Jurassic Park

Book cover images and likenesses are probably copyright and are used without permission, so there.

JOIN IN by taking a photo of yourself gurning beside a book in a sarcastic manner. Post it on Twitter with the hashtag #bookgurn. Or in a comment here, if you want!

One last thing: @RealSamBillett is possibly the most eligable bachelorette in the whole of England, and maybe even Bewdley. She is an English rose and her whimsy and affluence of personality put her on par with the likes of erm… I dunno. Gwyneth Paltrow. Except English. And rose like. Anyway, go beg her for a date.

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